Orchid Solutions: Bulletproof Performance For the Shooting Sports Industry

Orchid Solutions: Bulletproof Performance For the Shooting Sports Industry

Michelle Rydberg, COO and Co-Founder, Orchid SolutionsMichelle Rydberg, COO and Co-Founder
Gun stores, in general, have gigantic workflows which entail various critical processes such as eCommerce, online range management, mobile checkout, live inventory management, sales and ATF compliance. One of the reasons firearm retail stores and shooting range operators are struggling to manage their business efficiently is due to the point solutions and manual processes in use, which are often inefficient, and become hurdles to profitable growth. To carry out all the operations smoothly and efficiently, these organizations need a dynamic and robust POS system. But, many POS solutions available in the market are expensive and not industry-specific. It requires workarounds and a support team with an in-depth understanding of a gun store’s daily operations or range. The lack of robust technology like cloud platforms and integrated systems has been a headache for in the shooting sports retail operators over the last couple of decades. Also, while some POS systems may meet some of their customers needs, most have relied on third-party applications and partner relationships to fulfill the most meaningful of state and federal government’s complex regulatory requirements.

Having recognized this shortcoming, Orchid Solutions set out to create Orchid POS, the most relevant and thoughtfully-engineered POS, eCommerce and payment processing platform in the industry. “Being in this industry for over 10 years, we’ve observed that most of the POS solutions deployed are costly on-premise solutions and none that we’ve seen satisfy all of a gun store’s needs from one legal entity and at a fair price,” states Michelle Rydberg, COO and Co-Founder. To fill this gap, Rydberg and the team decided to build unique feature-rich Point-of-Sale (POS) software, allowing single and multi-location gun stores to manage all their processes from a single portal. This includes native applications such as an eCommerce storefront, an eBound Book / 4473 module, gunsmithing, online firearm safety class registration, firearm rentals, payment processing engine and more. Along with retailers, the company also delivers its industry-specific payment processing solution, Orchid Pay, to manufacturers and distributors of firearms worldwide. “Our ultimate mission is to help the shooting sports industry profitably manufacture, distribute and sell products with great efficiency and the utmost compliance,” says Rydberg.

The company offers a wide range of lightweight, in-store and mobile POS hardware that is priced affordably for gun stores of any size. “Depending on the nature of their retail firearm store or physical presence, customers can choose between an allin-one unit or separate components,” explains Rydberg. For those Gun store retailers that prefer operating their business through mobile, Orchid Solutions provides a mobile smart-phone driven POS app. The company’s software and hardware are both backed by the attorneys at FFL Law.

Another exciting aspect of the company’s software is its plug-and-play integration capability. Together with our modern API-technology and non-affiliated partners, the software easily allows the presentation of an endless isle of live inventory from industry distributors to the fingertips of an Orchid POS user and their online shoppers.
Jon Rydberg, CEO and Co-Founder
And, its native eCommerce platform allows retail gun store operators to display on-hand inventory from their physical store to the same storefront. “If a retailer wants to sell their products online the inventory available in their store automatically reflects on the web store without having to do anything,” elucidates Rydberg. Further, Orchid’s all-in-one platform allows retailers to deploy an online reservation system for range classes and firearm range rentals easily with no additional work. The platform includes its own native CRM email marketing platform in addition to giving users the option to select from a plug-and-play interface to Constant Contact and others. Orchid POS was designed with these features in mind to maximize its customers’ retail sales.

Our ultimate mission is to help the shooting sports industry profitably manufacture, distribute and sell products with great efficiency and the utmost compliance

Out of all the industries, the firearms arena has stringent regulations and compliance standards. However, Orchid Solutions’ clients immediately benefit as its sister company Orchid Advisors regulatory expertise was deployed throughout the design of Orchid POS. Furthermore, Orchid Advisors regulatory services are built into the implementation and customer support process, offering maximum compliance support for retail and range operators. Customers faced with questions about firearm transfer laws, gunsmithing regulations, or event importing guns for sale can uniquely receive expert software and services support with only one phone number.

With such unmatched capabilities and services, Orchid Solutions has created several success stories. One among them is the story of a well-known firearm retailer in the North Eastern United States. The firearm retailer was using a POS system, whose ATF compliance “Bound Book” and eCommerce storefront was bolted on and managed by two different third parties. Furthemore, their range management solution, payment processor were also from independent providers creating a highly inefficient and high risk environment. They were struggling even to integrate QuickBooks and their preferred CRM marketing solution into their POS due to lack of easy to use APIs. The retailer’s in-depth search for a one-stop-shop solution came to an end with Orchid POS from Orchid Solutions. “We delivered value for basically 20 percent of their current price, integrating all the systems properly, allowing them to manage entire processes under one roof and save time,” says Rydberg.

As their modern approach, robust products, and services continue to script success stories, Orchid Solutions is forging ahead and enriching its platform to make it a lower cost, high value and lightweight software for gun stores with the most functionality. “We’re going to stay focused on the firearms industry and make the product better,” asserts Rydberg. Another area that the company is planning to improve is customer engagement and the extension of credit for higher dollar consumer purchases,” concludes Rydberg.
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Orchid Solutions

West Hartford, Connecticut

Michelle Rydberg, COO and Co-Founder and Jon Rydberg, CEO and Co-Founder

Orchid LLC and its subsidiaries offer business software, compliance software, and regulatory services to the shooting sports industry. Orchid Solutions provides firearm payment processing services, Point-of-Sale, and ERP integration software to improve how retailers, ranges, and manufacturers sell firearms and accessories. The firm's business software integrates directly with Orchid eBoundTM, an application that provides a powerful low-cost electronic Bound Book and an electronic ATF Form 4473. Orchid Advisors provides ATF, Import, and Export licensing and firearm compliance services to Federal Firearms Licensees. The firm shares its expertise with the industry through the FFL UniversityTM, FFL MasterClassTM and the Firearms Industry Compliance ConferenceTM. For additional information, visit www.orchidllc.com.