LivePOS: Next-Gen Hybrid POS

LivePOS: Next-Gen Hybrid POS

Liad Biton, CEO, LivePOSLiad Biton, CEO
As the premiere cloud-based point-of-sale provider, LivePOS caters to the unique needs of multi-location franchises and enterprises. The robust software contains over 900 features, a myriad of customization options, multi-store real-time reporting, and all of this is accessed with the simple click of a mouse. It is currently being used by thousands of businesses large and small across 20+ countries, solidifying its position as an unparalleled, global cloud-based POS system. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, LivePOS easily stands out among competitors, moving its point-of-sale solution to a higher level of commitment to simplicity, excellence, mobility, and function by providing cost effective options and scalable design.

As a hybrid solution, LivePOS operates in both standard retail environment as well as being connected to the cloud. “Multi-unit franchises have many moving parts and are trying to effectively manage all aspects of sales, customer service, inventory, and revenue at every location at once,” says Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS. “Our hybrid POS solution helps to manage all locations simultaneously without being physically there.” LivePOS gives owners and managers the ability to log in to the web-based LivePOS dashboard from any connected device. The dashboard is the go-to access point to check the status of individual stores, compare multiple store analytics and view a multitude of real-time data, neatly compiled into easy-to-read charts and graphs. The centralized dashboard allows retailers to manage inventory, update pricing, employees, expenses and sales reports anytime and anywhere with any internet capable device.

With the LivePOS Online dashboard, all store information is collected and displayed in a simple, cohesive manner, making it easy to get a real-time snapshot of the business.

Our hybrid POS solution helps to manage all retail locations simultaneously without being physically there

Moreover, LivePOS enables employees to continue cash transactions even if the internet connectivity is lost at a store. Thanks to the LivePOS cloud servers that synchronize transaction data when the connection resumes. The solution stands a mile ahead in the POS landscape with its user-friendly interface and its simple and powerful design. Though the software is loaded with endless features, LivePOS recognizes that many enterprises still need to tweak or configure certain features to improve efficiencies within their specific business model and provides it with a pocket-friendly price tag.

While explaining the unique value proposition of LivePOS in the POS solutions landscape, Biton recalls an instance when LivePOS assisted its customers to expand their payment options in order to meet the new credit card processing EMV standard. LivePOS helped their customers adhere to this requirement by creating integration with BinglePay (FirstData) and Datacap, a global payment technology solutions company, and its partners, to enable customers accept chip based cards, ApplePay, NFC, and other mobile wallets using an EMV pin-pad device from Verifone.

In a digital world full of emails, texts, and voicemail, LivePOS is committed to focusing on the human element of customer service. The customer support team is just a phone call away and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure every aspect of the software is functioning properly and every customer question or issue is addressed. In addition to live support, LivePOS also includes an online support center that offers tons of helpful articles as well as providing access to several how-to videos. LivePOS envisions for an impressive roadmap with its plans to launch LivePAD III, the mobile POS solution that runs a full version of the LivePOS software. “With the LivePAD III, our customers are no longer chained behind the counter. They can also get a FREE VX 805 PinPad device from our partner (BinglePay),” concludes Biton.