Semnox Solutions: Automate PoS, Enhance Customer Experience

Semnox Solutions: Automate PoS, Enhance Customer Experience

CIO VendorBepin Jose, President-Americas
Digitization has created significant opportunities for the gaming, leisure and entertainment industry by automating operations and enhancing customer experiences. Armed with more than two decades of extensive technology development and consulting experience, the founders at Semnox Solutions identified early on the opportunity for technology-enabled innovation in the niche segment of amusement games, entertainment, and leisure. With a focus on family-based amusement, the inception of Semnox in 2008 was a result of a prolonged two-year study into the availability of suitable technologies in this space. Today, Semnox with their feature-rich suite of products— Parafait—caters to the cashless solution needs of innovative entertainment operators managing family entertainment centers, theme parks, and food courts.

Semnox’s Parafait is a comprehensive technology platform that serves as a one-stop-shop to seamlessly automate operations that include multichannel sales, spend management, promotion and membership management, along with the business administration. The extensible architecture of the cashless system allows it to be altered easily to meet varying customer needs. The two key areas of payment processing that Parafait Point-of-Sale (POS) focuses on are customer experience (convenience) and security. Equipped with an advanced reporting and analytics feature, Parafait’s wireless card system plays an instrumental role in improving customer experience, increasing revenue and profitability while reducing pilferage and offering advanced insights to further optimize the operations.

Furthermore, Parafait POS can be seamlessly integrated with cash drawers, card-readers, and bar-code readers, and supports credit card integration to initiate easy credit card transactions. The platform enables the operators to deliver fully immersive and fun-filled “completely cashless” experiences to the families and individuals visiting their venues. "Play your way" and "We make fun happen," are the key taglines promoted through the Parafait platform as clients use it to execute their daily operations and to maximize guest experiences securely.

Play your way" and "We make fun happen," are the key taglines promoted through the Parafait platform

Additionally, the up-selling options to attract more guests through promotions/loyalty management and availability of centralized guest data for quicker campaign launches, add significant positive revenue impact while contributing to a wholesome customer experience.

Parafait leverages the tap-and-touch RFID technology to offer a substantially simpler interface that even children can access easily. One of the first technology firms to introduce RFID based readers, Semnox has continued to add new features such as advanced corporate/centrally controlled cloud based systems, tablet/mobile operations, outdoor readers and food and beverage kiosks, and more recently the cloud based party reservation system and e-commerce capabilities.

The application architects at Semnox follow a conversational approach to understand a clients' operations lifecycle followed by an extensive client reconnaissance to detect room for efficiencies, opportunities to improve and map the technology to enable the transformation. The firm helps their clients understand the relevance of evaluating and streamlining the fundamental aspects of their business, which could be further empowered by bringing in technology instead of implementing a whole new solution from scratch. According to Bepin Jose, President-Americas, Semnox Solutions, “Our agility and focus on customer success is a key factor apart from our technological capabilities, spearheading our rapid growth.”

Backed by a group of technology veterans with exceptional levels of expertise in different core technologies, Jose attributes Semnox's exponential growth to their team's core values and diligent efforts that are aligned with helping clients achieve their full potential. "With 99 percent of our new business coming through client references, we at Semnox are focused on changing old paradigms by building a culture of enhancing customer experiences through various new technology end points and also leveraging data analytics," concludes Jose.