Impulsify: Simple Retail Solutions for Non-Retail Businesses

Impulsify: Simple Retail Solutions for Non-Retail Businesses

While most POS solutions are built for traditional retailers, the Denver, CO- based Impulsify is spearheading a simple, intuitive system specifically built for non-retailers like hotel lobby outlets and gym pro-shops. Impulsify is uniquely focused on providing an easy-to-manage POS and retail automation solution for non-retailers that helps managers run profitable retail outlets without detracting their attention from their core business—like selling rooms or gym memberships. The comprehensive, cloud-based retail solution is tailored to be simple and intuitive for the entry level front desk associate and, yet robust and comprehensive enough for above property analysis on profitability, cost containment, procurement, and purchase order tracking for multi-store brands.

Impulsify stays one-step ahead of the POS solutions landscape with its simplified tools, machine learning, and access to a tremendous master product database of UPC level retail data. Its turnkey solution, ImpulsePoint, automates retail concepts to elicit retail best practices without forcing managers or associates to learn retail methodologies such as par levels, price setting, profit margins, and inventory management. “Instead of managers setting par levels or reorder points - ImpulsePoint learns the particular outlet’s par levels based on actual sales volume and sets it for the users to ensure they never run out,” explains Janine Williams, Founder, and CEO, Impulsify. ImpulsePoint also suggests the retail price of over 15,000 UPCs commonly sold in grab-and-go retail outlets to eliminate over or under pricing products. The solution’s one-click tools seamlessly solve profit-impacting issues such as discounts, service recovery giveaways, and department transfers. Furthermore, ImpulsePoint’s simplified, actionable reports can be leveraged by general managers to improve profit by identifying the fast and slow moving products, while reducing costly out of stocks by automating shopping lists and procurement processes.

The company delivers ImpulsePoint as an innovative solution to a multitude of non-retail businesses including the top global hospitality brands in the U.S. and Canada. While explaining the unique value proposition of Impulsify in the POS solutions landscape, Janine recalls an interesting customer success story, where Impulsify assisted a hotel that was regularly losing money at month end.
With no real reporting or tracking tools, the manager could not determine the actual reason for the loss. After installing ImpulsePoint, the hotel manager was able to identify that they were making a negative margin due to the huge discounts offered to their employees. This insight drove the hotel to alter their policy and discount levels, as well as make adjustments to retail price and product offerings which resulted in a whopping 330 percent increase in profit within just three months.

Impulsify is uniquely focused on providing an easy-to-manage POS and retail automation solutions for non-retailers

The future of Impulsify is impressive. Impulsify’s upcoming, highly anticipated launch is a guest-facing check-out kiosk that allows guests to bypass the busy check-in line at the front desk to buy their snacks and sundries. In early testing, the in-store payment terminal reduced front desk traffic by 76 percent. Moreover, the terminal is fully certified for Unattended Payments and fully certified for EMV, offering maximum PCI protection for guests’ credit card data. “Guests can scan, pay, and go!" and they love it almost as much as the front desk loves the reduced work load during busy check-in times," concludes Janine.