Appetize Technology: Presenting an In-Seat Catering Experience

Appetize Technology: Presenting an In-Seat Catering Experience

Max Roper, CEO & CTO, Appetize TechnologyMax Roper, CEO & CTO
During a Lakers game in LA, Max Roper realized the inconvenience faced by the fans in ordering food and drinks due to long queues, inefficient payment methods, and the manual process of physically getting it. He spent a lot of time researching the drawbacks of current point of sale (POS) systems, and his natural instinct unveiled an opportunity to create a modern ordering app that would replace the traditional approach toward customer engagement in large venues and the archaic technology around it. Roper co-founded Appetize, an end-to-end enterprise POS system encompassing robust real-time reporting, cash room management, ingredient-level inventory details, and more.

Catering to all forms of businesses, from restaurants to large venues, Appetize offers ruggedized hardware devices, both Android and iOS, and enterprise POS software that can manage everything from inventory to super fast online transactions while maintaining PCI compliance. For the benefit of clients and customers, “Appetize strongly focuses on increasing the speed of operations to avoid long queues and delays in a venue housing thousands of people,” explains Roper, CEO and CTO of Appetize. The company provides live inventory controls with predictive analytics that keep a real-time count of the inventory and allows businesses to swiftly react and refill before they run out of supplies. Built on modern architecture and ground-breaking logic, “Appetize’s intuitive interface and user-friendly approach enables the users to perform all business related tasks without any training, thereby saving employment costs and improving the user experience,” says Roper.

Staying PCI compliant, Appetize eliminates the need for on-premise, hosted servers and processes all online transactions in the cloud.
The cloud technology also helps Appetize to roll-out security patches and updates to all their clients while allowing their clients to make real-time changes to their menus, eliminating the need to refresh every single system like traditional POS counterparts. Appetize’s unique capabilities also include an automatic offline mode that seamlessly switches if a transaction takes longer than the threshold time. While in offline mode, Appetize constantly pings the server until it gets the expected network speed, completes the transaction, and automatically comes online for the next command.

Appetize increases the speed of operations to avoid long queues and delays in a venue housing thousands of people

For a smooth transition to the most modern POS, Appetize’s competent and experienced team work closely with venue operators to make sure that they include the items such as food and beverages and custom functionalities like mode of payments in each of the different retail stores and restaurants in their venue. The round-the-clock end-to-end support ensures clients receive reliable help for resolving any queries after the onsite implementation. In an implementation highlight, NYC’s Yankee stadium the iconic venue, with the capacity of housing 50,000 spectators, realized the inability to efficiently manage food and beverages sales. Deploying Appetize’s POS, handheld devices, kiosks, and mobile ordering facilities throughout the venue, Yankee stadium seamlessly manages their inventory, invoicing, and orders, while enabling real-time reporting, and increasing transaction throughput. Appetize’s handheld units in the premium section allow VIP in-seat ordering, helping fans enjoy the game from their seat at all times.

Gaining immense success in large venues, Appetize is now entering business verticals with similar high traffic, high volume, and quick service requirements like the education sector, restaurants, and movie theatres which have already resulted in Appetize’s adoption across college campus. Expanding their current capabilities, Appetize is constantly innovating their product portfolio with the latest technology and forward-thinking concepts to permanently change the POS game, worldwide.