Lightspeed: One Solution for Every In-Store and Online Retail Process

Lightspeed: One Solution for Every In-Store and Online Retail Process

The rise of cloud technology has brought the retail industry to the doorstep of a new landscape—where retailers have an opportunity to break the shackles of back-office process management and spend more time curating products for their end-users. This shift has propelled various organizations in the retail industry forward, in particular solution providers who can assist retailers in better managing their inventory, purchases, customer data, and sales workflows. In addition, retailers are taking their business online. Having an omnichannel approach, offering secure gateway for transactions, and keeping track of consumer purchasing data has become an imperative task for retail managers. Extending their support to these organizations and managers is Montreal, Canada based Lightspeed POS. The company provides Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) certified, cloud based, end-to-end solutions that unify inventory, customer management, sales, and analytics across all channels, in-store and online.

“The cloud enables us to cater to the needs of our customers in an unprecedented way,” says Dax Dasilva, CEO, Lightspeed. The company’s flagship product, Lightspeed Retail, assists stores in consolidating their sales, inventory and customer information in a single cloud pla tform, as well as offering tools that assist with selling and transacting. The platform empowers clients to scale up their business as they grow—adding new inventories in a fraction of time. Lightspeed Retail also has data analytics capabilities that provide valuable customer and inventory insights to retailers to help them improve their businesses. The platform enables retailers to have a complete view of customers’ purchasing history, which is used to give a more personalized service to end-users. Lightspeed Retail’s wide range of offerings also comprises mobile checkouts, multiple store management, customer management, and integrated e-commerce services. “To help customers get going with our platform, we have an on-boarding team that works closely with every customer to help them make the best use of Lightspeed’s powerful features, and ultimately offer an amazing in-store experience ,” says Dasilva.

One of Lightspeed’s customers from Palo Alto, CA leveraged Lightspeed Retail to manage their expansion rate—opening two new stores every month. With the company’s cloud-based tools, the customer was able to centralize
Dax Dasilva, CEO, JP Chauvet, CRO, LightspeedDax Dasilva, CEO, JP Chauvet, CRO
their inventory data, which enabled them to grow at a rapid pace. The customer was able to save a lot of valuable time, while scaling their business and aggregating their sales data, which they are using to enhance their business model.

Lightspeed assists its customers in choosing the right EMV–certified payment partners as well. “Many organizations from our clientele possess large inventory for various types of products, which means EMV security is important to them,” says Dasilva. Maintaining a high quality across their product range has also been a top priority of Lightspeed. “For an industry as complex as retail, our goal is to offer tools that are easy to use and implement and which drive high value—at low cost,” adds Dasilva.

“At Lightspeed, we want to build a toolset that retailers can use to drive success in today’s digital age.” The latest round of funding that the company received will be used to continue building this vision. Over the coming months, Lightspeed is further investing in Europe and strengthening their eCommerce solutions.

At Lightspeed, we want to build a toolset that retailers can use to drive success in today’s digital age