NCR Corporation: Powering Retail Operations through an Advanced POS System

NCR Corporation: Powering Retail Operations through an Advanced POS System

CIO VendorWilliam R. Nuti, Chairman, President & CEO
Excelling in today’s retail is a question of technology, especially, when it comes to standardizing the software behind point-of-sale (POS) systems. This has led to the steady growth of POS by developers in the last 5 years. Unlike traditional manual cash registers, developers are making POS systems to automatically calculate and track changes to pricing whilst simultaneously updating the inventory. Most often retailers face the challenge of wasting time on correcting errors such as unrecorded sales, human based errors and inventories that fail to match tallies on a daily basis. A POS system that accurately collects and records data in addition to providing analytics is the right solution to combat this impediment. Cementing this important aspect of Retail is NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR), headquartered in Duluth, Georgia. “From traditional checkout and targeted promotions to fuel centre support, our retail POS software platforms provides the right mix of retail operation,” says William R. Nuti, CEO, NCR Corporation. Essentially, the firm provides three software platforms—NCR Advanced Store, Retail Systems Manager (RSM) and Advanced Retail Solution are built with the motive of enhancing customer experience as well.

Designed for the general merchandise retailer, NCR Advanced store runs its operationson a POS terminal or a mobile device. Encapsulating enterprise system capabilities,NCR Advanced store provides flexible buying and returning options for the retailer. The application delivers a robust set of retail functionality such as touchscreen and gesture-based user interface. Additionally, the software also executes fraud management through coupon and return transaction validation. Following, the company’s RSMsoftwareincreases store system availability and streamline the support process. For instance, by monitoring terminals and peripherals for potential trouble spots, the software filters information and provides alerts on conditions that require attention. Reports on error conditions are also notified alongside the state-of-health of the device. Finally, The Advanced
Retail Solution, focused on the checkout marketplace is built to support several configurations in order to suit the retailer's requirements. The software does not require a separate server for smaller store configurations even as it has to scale from one POS device to many.

Furthermore, the company also delivers a portfolio of POS solutions, including hardware and software, designed particularly for the restaurant space. The flagship product, known as the Aloha POS enables the restaurant staff to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. Aloha POS can also be leveraged as Software-as-a-Service (POSaaS), that gives access to the features and benefits of Aloha for an all-inclusive monthly payment.

NCR Corporation has made an indelible mark on the world of retail business applications. Many of their customers were greatly benefitted from the NCR retail POS Solutions. For instance, Smokey Johns, a restaurant chain in Dallas, was facing difficulty in using electronic cash register that produced paper receipts which had to manage daily by hand. The employee hours were also tracked manually, making it difficult for the restaurant to determine who was approaching overtime. After approaching NCR, the client installed a POS system which was capable to manage table assignments and server flow; access sales and other key metrics from a mobile dashboard; and route orders directly to the kitchen, bar or any other station. The client could save increasing costs though overtime savings. The software also accurately reported on tax liabilities and cut waiting time amongst customers.

From traditional checkout and targeted promotions to fuel centre support, our retail POS software platforms provides the right mix of retail operation

Turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences, NCR is continuing to bring efficiency, improve revenue and build customer loyalty for general merchandise, grocery and convenience stores through POS. “No matter your size, where you operate or who you serve, we’re here to help you build a cohesive retail ecosystem,” concludes Nuti.