Heartland: Leading Provider of Security Technology for Payment Processing, Payroll and POS

Heartland: Leading Provider of Security Technology for Payment Processing, Payroll and POS

The evolving technologies and tools have unlocked an unprecedented access to information like product reviews, pricing and much more for consumers around the world. Retailers today need a single, unified e-commerce platform, offering a holistic customer experience across all touchpoints. With increasing data breaches occurring in retailers’ point-of-sale (POS) systems, security technology is becoming a mission-critical necessity.

“The data stealing operation of malware consists of two threads, the process or scraper thread, which looks for the POS process and scrapes card data from its memory. The transfer thread transfers the stolen card data to another machine,” said Robert O. Carr, Chairman and CEO, Heartland Payment Systems, a 2015 “Top 10 POS Solution Provider” as recognized by Retail CIO Outlook.

Heartland, one of the nation’s largest payment processors, delivers credit, debit and prepaid card processing and security technology through the Heartland Secure™ solution and its comprehensive breach warranty. The Heartland Secure Out-of- Scope solution is designed to provide retailers with protection against POS intrusions, crimeware, miscellaneous errors and insider misuse by eliminating the opportunity for criminals to monetize card data.
The Heartland Secure Out-of-Scope solution completely separates the POS from card data.
“Our point-of-sale systems come with all the features of traditional POS software,” Carr said. “We offer commerce solutions using as little hardware as possible to model and implement a business model change. We take legal actions against infiltrators, develop an open platform and provide better flexibility for retailers.”

Heartland quickly and securely processes card data transactions, accurately tracks sales and inventory, optimizes employee labor and creates detailed business reports—all from a mobile POS device. Backed by a Heartland comprehensive breach warranty, the powerful Heartland Secure solution combines three technologies including EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa), end-to-end encryption and tokenization to provide merchants with security and guard them against monetization of stolen card data.

“There is no single technology solution that ensures payment transaction security,” says Carr. “EMV, end-to-end encryption and tokenization are all good security technologies individually, but combined in the Heartland Secure system, they operate together to place usable card data out of the reach of criminals.”EMV is a global payment standard that provides a consistent card holder experience worldwide. EMV chip cards fight fraud at the physical POS by verifying that the presented card is genuine.
Robert O. Carr, Chairman & CEO , HeartlandRobert O. Carr, Chairman & CEO
The smartcard chip contains dynamic data that is validated in a more secure manner than the static data of a magnetic stripe, which makes the card data harder to counterfeit.
End-to-end encryption encrypts cardholder information at the earliest point of the transaction—at card swipe, key entry, tap or insertion—so that it is never in readable form to crimeware programs.

“Card information is always encrypted and never transmitted or stored in a useful form. So even if a hacker got the information, it is meaningless and of no usable commercial or financial value,” explains Carr.

Our POS solutions are secure, reliable, cost-effective and the center of a retailer’s commerce

After a transaction is authorized, tokenization protects card data by substituting a token for a card’s number.

“Consequently, our Heartland Secure Out-of-Scope solution eliminates the monetization of card data as a result of skimming, POS intrusions and man-in-the-middle attacks, while reducing a merchant’s compliance costs and worries,” said Carr. “Our software easily integrates the POS solutions with existing time, attendance and the payroll, which helps to reduce administrative costs.”

Heartland enables retailers to be fully integrated into the daily life of every employee, creating a comprehensive solution that is ideal for any retailer in the POS space. The company is now offering POS infrastructure and ERP services. Heartland also plans to invest in disaster recovery strategies and retail cloud technologies across the U.S.