TCPOS: Future-Proof POS for the Modern Era

TCPOS: Future-Proof POS for the Modern Era

CIO VendorIvan Salvetti, CTO
“When it comes to configurability and extensibility of a POS system, our solution is unmatched,” begins Ivan Salvetti, CTO of TCPOS. Providing a future-proof POS technology for both hospitality and the retail industries, TCPOS is part of global IT provider Zucchetti Group and is helping more than 10,000 businesses with their digital transformation strategies across the globe. In today’s era where consumers demand a unified commerce experience with all brands they engage, TCPOS’ cloud-based POS architecture, enables businesses to engage with customers through various commerce channels and easily integrates to all of the back-end system to complete the transaction lifecycle. Backed by an agile and scalable IT infrastructure and client-driven business strategy, the company is committed to build a roadmap to deliver innovative solutions to meet client's requirements. "Besides delivering the right POS technology to our clients, we solicit feedbacks from them constantly to deliver new functionality at the right time," says Salvetti. By enabling retailers and hospitality business owners to align their POS system vision with the modern technology trends and advancements, TCPOS is investing and committing to stay ahead of the industry.

Retailers today are extra motivated to maintain a consistent and seamless relationship with their customers throughout the entire purchasing and fulfillment ecosystem. Catering to this demand, TCPOS provides their customers the digital touchpoints to enhance the consumer experience in all channels. TCPOS also provides visibility into the customer interactions and experience to clients by providing them access to comprehensive business data that is unified across all business systems. Our global partner network supports large multi-national conglomerates to execute local deployment and support service options.

When it comes to configurability and extensibility of a POS system, our solution is unmatched

With our unified commerce web-service API and plugin-architecture, TCPOS technology enables merchants to implement and deploy self-service Kiosks and consumer mobile Apps to support strategies that meet the consumer demands for anywhere purchase engagements. Having a single database and business logic POS solution and platform, our customers can execute their unified commerce strategies, lower their cost of ownership, extend our solution to meet unique requirements while being able to benefit from TCPOS technology innovations giving them control and autonomy over their business operations. For the restaurant segment, TCPOS offers simplified table management, kitchen integration, and kitchen monitoring processes. With the ability to integrate with an array of business systems, the company supports multiple currencies, many fiscal regulations and multiple languages, giving international clients the ability to expand globally.

One of TCPOS' German clients, a restaurant chain owner, wanted to improve the experience for their customers who were facing difficulty because of the long queues at the POS and the inconvenience of ordering quickly, to buy food. Stepping up to the challenge, TCPOS provided them with a consumer self-service Kiosks and integrated payment solution, where customers could the entire transaction. Further, with GPS technology integration, the waiter could now deliver the food to the customer by tracking their exact location within the restaurant.

Focused on delivering leading edge technology, TCPOS has collaborated with a university in Milan for a R&D program centered on dish recognition. The program is aimed at using dish recognition technology in the hospitality industry to automate more business processes and enhance the speed of service business interactions. TCPOS is also working on enhancing their cloud and mobile strategy to deliver innovative functionality to our customers. "We are also looking to work with new partners in Latin America to expand our reach," ends Salvetti.