Springboard: Retail Cloud Platform for Proficient Retail Management

Springboard: Retail Cloud Platform for Proficient Retail Management

CIO VendorGordon Russell, Founder & CEO
Customer expectations are massive and the alterations amongst sales channels, delivery options and fulfillment can seem endless as a result there is a growing need for cross channel strategy that must be tailored to meet customer service requirements. Customer need has no ends and their expectations are seamless, regardless of channel. A customer wants options or a choice starting from purchase to delivery. Boston based Springboard was built to support growing multi-store, multi-channel retailers. “Springboard Retail is a powerful, cloud POS software and retail management platform designed to help you sell more and smarter,” says Gordon Russell, Founder and CEO, Springboard Retail.

Springboard Retail's POS offers a fresh interface that is user friendly and helps a user with competency. The company’s POS system is web-based so that it can be accessed on a web enabled device. The POS system is agreeably user friendly and doesn’t require enhanced technical skills or retail experiences to be dealt with. The system lets a user collect the customer information at POS to help with the better understanding of the customers in order to make intelligent product recommendations. Springboard Retail’s customer dashboard presents high level statistics about a customer’s purchase history and preferences at the click of a button. The solution provides item entry via scan or lookup, customer creation and lookup, sales rep tracking, multi-store inventory lookup, gift card issuance and redemption, sales tax calculation and collection. “We’ve partnered with Mercury, an industry leading payment processing provider, to deliver PCI compliant credit card processing within our POS system,” says Russell.

Springboard offers a Mobile POS, inventory management as well as customer reporting in real time and all in the cloud. Springboard Retail was
designed and built for the Cloud which implies that there is little need for upgrades or downloads or versions. The system auto-upgrades itself as the new features and enhancements commences which are accessible from any device or platform. “Our Sales Dashboard will give you an up to the second overview of all the information you need, while real-time reporting delivers all the details,” states Russell. Springboard's Sales Dashboard alerts user when there are fill able orders to process, customer follow up calls to make, or a discrepant transfer to resolve. The user has the authority to control that what is seen by who as to what goes through Springboard's robust and permissions system. The Sales Dashboard helps drive sales by presenting key performance metrics in real time, with comparisons to last year’s sales or this year’s plan. One can also access the dashboard from any web enabled device, so the user stays informed regards of where they are. “Our reporting application allows you to study your sales in depth as well as customers and inventory. Use real time reporting to understand exactly what is selling and who is buying,” says Russell.

Our Sales Dashboard will give you an up to the second overview of all the information you need, while real-time reporting delivers all the details

Springboard Retail allows the user to filter reports by location, inventory or customer attribute, and group them by important dimensions, like a customized inventory attributes customer information, date and time. Amongst its wide customer base, Springboard Retail has helped many firms with their inventory and data flow. “Springboard Retail provides us with greater inventory control and data that we can rely on to make smarter business decisions," notes XCVI, a shopping retail brand. On looking towards the near future Cloud retail platform provider and leading payment processor have joined forces to enable retailers to better serve their customers through efficient payments, cloud POS and real-time RMS (Risk Management Solutions).