STORIS: Omni-Channel Retail Solutions for Improved Results

STORIS: Omni-Channel Retail Solutions for Improved Results

Furniture consumers’ increased demand for a seamless shopping experience make retail technology a priority for today’s successful furniture businesses. Streamlined logistics and operations are critical to meet consumer expectations surrounding delivery accuracy, fast turn-around times, and an elevated service experience. Another major shift in the furniture retail landscape is the prevalence of eCommerce and how consumer shopping behaviors impact traditional brick and mortar store locations.

Enter STORIS—a provider of full service solutions for retailers to appeal to the sophisticated buying habits of consumers. STORIS’ software integrates the POS experience to a retailer’s warehouse operations while facilitating inventory management across all retail channels. “At STORIS, we bridge the gap between brick and mortar, online, and mobile by offering fully integrated solutions. We help retailers keep inventory updated in real-time regardless of where their customer views or purchases it,” explains Douglas Culmone, COO, STORIS.

Since its inception, over two decades ago, the company has had a single industry focus-home furnishing retail. “The furniture industry has unique elements such as the need to capture a more detailed customer profile at the POS, deliver the product in accordance with the customer’s expectations and manage an advanced supply chain,” says Culmone. “STORIS’ processes are extremely user-friendly and designed specifically for selling and delivering big-ticket items. Our up-selling tools for sales and service orders prompt for add-ons like extended warranties or protection plans, which can help retailers increase their average ticket by 10 percent,” Culmone states.

At STORIS, we bridge the gap between brick and mortar, online, and mobile by offering fully integrated solutions

STORIS manages the full scope of a furniture retailer’s business. The key areas of focus within the company’s software include POS, inventory management, merchandising tools, customer service, logistics, distribution, accounting, financing, business intelligence, CRM, mobile, and eCommerce. The company has two mobile solutions that are a part of STORIS’ eRoam product suite. eRoamgives showroom staff a valuable knowledge base and
Douglas Culmone, COO, STORISDouglas Culmone, COO
the ability to deliver efficient service to today’s progressive customer. Apart from the software, the company also offers a full range of professional services that includes implementation and conversion services for new users, consulting, operational reviews and dedicated technical support.

By providing retailers of all sizes with quality technology and professional services, the company helps their clients improve their productivity. An example is Bassett Furniture Industries’ retail division,who converted from their previous retail system to STORIS in 2012. With STORIS’ implementation services and advanced software capabilities, Bassett experienced tangible results including increased profitability, tighter inventory control, and enhanced customer service.

Since its founding, STORIS has grown a thriving, collaborative network of 350+ retailers. STORIS’ mission is not only to remain current with the needs of furniture retailers, but also to anticipate technological trends and requirements in order to stay ahead of the curve. The results of their development organization are critical to their future success. They dedicate 60,000 plus hours annually to R&D and roll out a variety of impactful enhancements to clients each year, which is simply unmatched in their industry.

Moving ahead, the company is focused on several innovative projects including introducing its new product— the Financing Queue. The product allows a sales person to process credit approvals across a variety of third party providers from a single request right at the POS. “It is going to significantly optimize the way our retailers sell to their customers,” Culmone concludes. STORIS’ goal is to identify opportunities for growth for furniture retailers of all sizes and help the industry as a whole thrive.


Evolven is Granted a New U.S. Patent for its Change Grouping Analytics Technology in IT Environments

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY - Evolven Software, provider of the leading Change Analytics software for the enterprise cloud, today announced that it was granted a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers its unique "change grouping analytics" technology that features a major part of the company's Changes Analytics solutions (which analyze and prioritize changes to configuration parameters of applications in information technology systems).

Specifically, the granted patent covers these capabilities:

• Multi-level clustering of changes based on similar characteristics (e.g. environment, action, artifact, impact, insight)
• The assignment of each cluster with a descriptor (based on context-free grammar)
• The identification of potential IT issues before they occur, or the ad-hoc investigation capabilities, based on the grouping technology

'Change Grouping' capabilities are essential today, as an average business system includes tens or hundreds of thousands of configuration parameters. If any of these parameters are misconfigured or omitted, the change may negatively affect proper operations of the IT system.

Evolven Change Analytics technology helps IT professionals keep track of configuration changes carried out in IT and cloud environments.

Evolven detects and analyzes granulars changes carried out in the hybrid cloud environment. The collected changes are grouped into clusters, represent IT actions that caused change to multiple configuration items.

Contextual-based grouping may include item location (e.g. similar root file path), environment (e.g. which operating system and what hardware is used), version and other details. The clustering may be performed in multiple levels wherein a different distance measure is used in each level, to further improve the clustering process of the configuration items.

This method provides extremely valuable analytics and insights to IT and business users, allowing them to prevent and better manage problems that can occur in IT systems, thereby significantly reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR).

"Changes are the root cause for over 90% of our customers' performance and stability issues," said Sasha Gilenson, Evolven CEO. "This patent strengthens the unique value of our Change Analytics technology that allows enterprises to track issues back to the changes that caused them originally for fast troubleshooting and future prevention."

Evolven's patented technology helps companies:
• Accelerate root-cause analysis and troubleshooting time
• Prevent performance and stability incidents
• Avoid compliance and security issues by automatically detecting unauthorized and undesired changes

"By leveraging Evolven's exclusive machine learning capabilities, enterprises can make important correlations across silos, recognize patterns, automatically identify anomalies, detect unauthorized changes and apply efficient troubleshooting by smart root cause analysis," said Boštjan Kaluža, Chief Data Scientist at Evolven. "With Evolven's AIOPs capabilities, IT professionals can generate actionable insights behind the huge amount of operations data, minimizing the time to find and diagnose stability issues, preventing outages and downtimes, and enhancing IT support around critical business services."