RSM US: Pioneer in Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Solutions

RSM US: Pioneer in Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Solutions

Ben Tickner, Principal, TMC Global Operations, RSM USBen Tickner, Principal, TMC Global Operations
“Amidst the brewing technology trends that glue together various processes and systems across the retail space, the retailers are back, hitting the reset button,” expresses Ben Tickner, Principal, TMC Global Operations. “As retailers have embraced new technologies like multi-channel POS, they still need a platform that fits in all their POS requirements and that’s what we are good at,” adds Tickner. “The challenge has always been about changing the management inside the retailers’ organization to properly align to their resources by saving time and providing value to the customer with the solution,” explains Tickner. RSM US has its roots in audit, tax and consulting services and has now ventured further on by providing implementations for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics SL to clients across the country. Being recognized nationally as a Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution partner that serves mid-market organizations, RSM US offers industry solutions in consumer products, food and beverage, government and education, health care, professional services, and retail.

The IL based firm’s services are focused towards the middle market, and–they strive to be the first-choice advisor globally. RSM US with its deep knowledge and experienced team, guides its clients through challenging tasks in businesses by understanding their needs. “By having a combination of people who possess the passion about the industry, gives us a well rounded approach in the retail industry to be trusted advisors,” adds Tickner. In the retail space, RSM US’ solutions are built directly on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, and tools and capabilities are specifically designed to give mobile retailers the visibility and agility they need to capture and retain consumer interest. The company brings next-generation ERP to life for retailers who are determined to meet the dynamic demands of today’s increasingly aware, connected, and empowered consumers.

It’s easy to replace existing systems with new software but the challenge is to change the management inside to properly align to their resources

The benefit of having solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX is that with a centralized database in the cloud, or on-premises helps clients maintain one system of record. So having a perpetual inventory system provides clients with real-time information in the dashboard, and by doing so, it allows them to make decisions that impact their businesses. Dynamics AX gives retailers the ability to consume customer data on their mobile device or on a dashboard and suggests the order based on that data to deliver. “So the system when tuned and configured properly, aligns to their business and saves time by providing real-time information,” says Tickner.

Once, a client of RSM US was facing an issue with their existing software that did not offer them the proper functionality within the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform to serve their rental needs.

RSM US designed and built a custom rental module to align to their business, which was pivotal to them. The company also designed a system that matched their business process and allowed them to continue running their business effectively.

RSM US is keen on successfully designing systems that match its clients’ business processes, and the company’s internal team has created a multi channel retail logic and code, which is now base code in the AX product and has been acquired by Microsoft. “Our team members are constantly learning the latest PCI compliance guidance and what application and hardware work best with our system and how we can effectively go to market to solve problems,” concludes Tickner.