NCR Corporation [NYSE:NCR]: Navigating through the Omnichannel Era

NCR Corporation [NYSE:NCR]: Navigating through the Omnichannel Era

CIO VendorWilliam Nuti, CEO & Chairman
Boosting consumer engagement and loyalty has always been an important concern for retailers. As customers demand more personalization throughout their shopping journey, retailers require a seamless communications strategy to interact with them regardless of the channel making it a true omnichannel experience for consumers. Adopting an omnichannel approach has now become a pre requisite to stay competitive in the retail arena. Cementing retailer-customer relationships is NCR Corporation [NYSE:NCR] through its flexible POS solutions enabling retailers to transition to an omni-commerce strategy at their own pace while protecting existing investments. “NCR is helping businesses evolve their legacy processes and effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the consumer journey,” explains William Nuti, Chairman, CEO and President, NCR Corporation.

The company offers a range of POS solutions that can be tailored to match any retailer’s omnichannel needs. NCR Retail ONE is an innovative commerce hub that enables users to mix and match their choice of applications from NCR, its partners or third party vendors to better address omnichannel requirements. The solution is strongly connected to NCR StorePro, an integrated POS solution aimed at independent grocery retailers with less than 250 stores. Leveraging latest technologies in retail, NCR StorePro allows grocers to have direct access to all the retail systems, data and functions with complete freedom to implement single or multi store configurations. Users can customize screens and report layouts using feature integration tool design and create POS transactions for enhanced brand differentiation. Retailers also benefit from automated data synchronization and daily backups.

Adding to the array of POS solutions offered by NCR is its Advanced Retail Solution (ARS) that is focused on the checkout marketplace.

NCR is helping businesses evolve their legacy processes and effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the consumer journey

The multinational cross border solution enables retailers to trade offline with remote maintenance and system management. Users can expand their e-commerce efforts by blending orders generated from virtual and physical stores for greater flexibility and faster response. The company also serves the restaurant space through its portfolio of POS solution called Aloha POS. The solution enables restaurant staff to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery and improve operations.

NCR has served a number of clients from the financial, travel and hospitality industries through its extensive portfolio of solutions. In an instance, Smokey Johns, a restaurant chain in Dallas, was facing difficulty in using electronic cash register that produced paper receipts which had to be managed manually. The employee hours were also tracked manually, making it difficult for the restaurant to determine who was approaching overtime. The client sought help from NCR and installed Aloha POS system which was capable to manage table assignments and server flow; access sales and other key metrics from a mobile dashboard; and route orders directly to the kitchen, bar or any other station. The client could bring down increasing costs through overtime savings. The software also accurately reported on tax liabilities and cut waiting time amongst customers.

NCR will continue turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences, by bringing efficiency, improving revenue and building customer loyalty for general merchandise, grocery and convenience stores through POS. Adjacently, the company is driving strategic investments in mobile, cloud, big data, and IoT in order to provide solutions that help today's enterprises respond to disruptive changes in globalization, digitization, consumerism, and technology.