Partner Tech: Toward Smart Retailing

Partner Tech: Toward Smart Retailing

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Sandra Hsia, President , Partner TechSandra Hsia, President
Founded 30 years ago, Partner Tech has proven expertise and experience in delivering hardware solutions to the POS industry. Over the years, the company has evolved into a highly respected, innovative POS solution provider, growing organically. Ever since its acquisition by Qisda, a global ODM/OEM service provider of electronic products for industrial applications, in 2017, Partner Tech has witnessed immense growth. As part of the Qisda family, Partner Tech is busy leveraging the vast resources of its parent company to take its technological expertise as well as its supply chain and manufacturing productivity to the next level. Today, Partner Tech has significantly enhanced its value proposition in delivering Intelligent Store and Customer Analytics solutions, providing its retail clients with higher revenue and enhanced customer experience. The company’s varied offerings are integrated with a range of proprietary hardware solutions that include self-service kiosks, commercial-grade tablets and flexible digital signage solutions. With increased efficiency and consistent performance of its designs, Partner Tech is ahead of the curve in the retail and hospitality industries across the global markets. “We provide the platform for retailers to jumpstart their business expansion across continents,” says Sandra Hsia, President of Partner Tech USA.

Retailers today thrive on next-generation POS offerings that are reliable and sustainable. In line with this trend, Partner Tech is committed to providing solutions—built in collaboration with the engineering resources of its parent company—that have agility, modern design, reliability, and a longer life expectancy, so clients achieve reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and improved business outcomes. Although the Windows platform helped to shape the original direction of the designs, the engagements with their customers have led the company to incorporate multiple lines that support the Android operating system as an option, opening the door for hybrid solutions to work with one provider.

We provide the platform for retailers to jumpstart their business expansion across continents

In the IoT era, technology and new innovations are changing industries worldwide. The company is consistently striving to shape the IoT ecosystem through fruitful collaboration with key partners.

One of Partner Tech’s solutions, a smart shelf display, helps retailers engage their customers better. Through the display, retailers can share context-rich product information with the right individual visiting the store and can convert more customers by influencing their decision making.

Adding value to Partner Tech’s rich portfolio of hardware devices is Kaleido, a suite of solutions with facial recognition technology. Built to work with IoT, this technology is responsible for collecting data that provides retailers with a vivid depiction of the consumers’ age, gender, purchasing behavior and timings. These insights help retailers create content accordingly and target the right audience for enhanced revenue.

When Partner Tech gets down to the brass tacks, it focuses on reducing the operational cost for clients. To that end, Partner Tech was one of the first POS vendors to offer no moving parts POS terminals. “More parts in your POS terminal mean more service points. As a result, stores struggle with significant downtime and higher maintenance costs,” Sandra adds. “We were also one of the first companies to provide mobile solutions to the industry.” It also has to its credit the innovation of a tablet that doubles as a fully-functional POS station. With a hardware design based on open architecture, Partner Tech’s solutions work with all the major software companies in the market.

Partner Tech has a rich history of building customized solutions for the unique needs of its clients using its in-house engineering resources and vast manufacturing facility. Many retailers continue to work with Partner Tech to stay on top of the industry, minimize challenges, and remain profitable. With the increasing demand for mobile devices and self-service kiosks, Partner Tech is looking forward to continuing to enhance its solutions and is excited for what the future will bring.
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Partner Tech

Partner Tech

Irvine, CA USA

Sandra Hsia, President

An innovative POS manufacturer as well as Intelligent Store and Customer Analytics solutions provider helping retailers to thrive in the global markets