Innovative: Retail Hardened and Ergonomic Transaction-enabling Mounting Solutions

Innovative: Retail Hardened and Ergonomic Transaction-enabling Mounting Solutions

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Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, InnovativeChris Grim, Director of OEM Sales
A quick-service restaurant is a busy place to be on a Saturday morning, not just for the visitors, but for the staff as well. From the time a customer walks in, to the time they leave the restaurant, staffs need to often carry out around six transactions—from ordering to cooking, delivery, and payment. These transactions often overwhelm the staffs' ability to improve customer check-out time/experience. Such scenes are often played on a broken tape for not only restaurants but also for many retailers.

There are multiple challenges involved in solving the challenges and streamlining these processes. First, organizations need to facilitate seamless in-store transactions through mounting devices at the counter. Next, many of these devices are required to double as ergonomic, productive workstations for the operators. Last but not least, the mounting solutions should look not only professional at the counter but also save valuable space. This is where Innovative's retail hardened and ergonomic mounting solutions bring its compelling value proposition. Through its broad range of transaction enabling mounting solutions that include POS and digital display mounts to iPad and tablet enclosures, the company helps its customers streamline the transaction processes while saving space and achieving the flexibility and security ideal for POS devices. "Innovative's Modular Now—an adaptable solution for POS mounts—presents customers with a custom configured, durable, and attractive mounting option that can support multiple displays, a terminal payment device, and a printer," says Chris Grim, Director of OEM Sales, Innovative.

Ideal for retail, restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality applications, Innovative's POS and digital display mounts and enclosures are robust and built for heavy use. The enclosures can securely house tablets and iPads while enabling easy access to customers and staff. Clients can also create their compatible POS display mount by pairing any of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) compatible mounts and enclosures. "Whether you need a standard product or something customized, Innovative will work with you to create the right solution for your project specification," states Grim.

Ideal for retail, restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality applications, Innovative's POS and digital display mounts and enclosures are retail hardened and built for heavy use

Committed to creating reliable, high-performance products through insightful design and responsive manufacturing, Innovative combines the best in space-saving, flexibility, and ergonomics. "In retail, space is money. Our mounts free up space around the register, allowing clients to showcase merchandise at the point of purchase,” informs Grim. As such, it's a no brainer that brands such as Kohl's, Starbucks, Crate & Barrel, McDonald's, and other leading retail brands turn to Innovative for their POS needs.

Having an in-house product engineering team along with highly knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives, Innovative is a customer-focused business with a passion for enhancing the way users interface with their technology. For example, in cases where a client needs a pole mount solution on their typical POS system, Innovative understands the requirements and formulates multiple ideas for the same, be it for mounting a printer, a processing terminal, a scanner, or a credit card machine. These secure and customizable monitor mounting options have helped Innovative to carve out a unique niche in the POS space. Recently, the company has also launched its cost-effective PTS (payment terminal solution) that will spur a new revolution in payment terminal solutions.

Moving beyond the POS setting, Innovative also offers solutions ranging from retro-fittable sit stands to height-adjustable desks and monitor-solutions that reduce the chances of a neck or eye strain and help build a healthier, more productive workplace. "Producing well-designed and well-built solutions that improve the use and interaction with technology is the reason for our success over the years,” says Grim.

With more than three decades of rich industry experience, Innovative continues to collaborate with leading brands to create innovative transaction-enabling mounting solutions. "As Innovative continues to grow, we will leverage our 30-plus years of experience, intellectual property, and the ingenuity of our incredible team, to help make our clients' businesses more efficient, more productive, and more profitable,” concludes Grim.
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Chris Grim, Director of OEM Sales and John Becconsall, VP, POS

Creating transaction-enabling mounting solutions for retail, restaurant, food service, and hospitality POS applications