GK Software USA: Moving Beyond Omnichannel Commerce

GK Software USA: Moving Beyond Omnichannel Commerce

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Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Software USAMichael Jaszczyk, CEO
The point of sale (POS) software market is emerging rapidly as retailers are on a hunt for unified commerce solutions. Many vendors are competing for POS market share across the globe and GK Software is ahead of them differentiating itself with a robust solution suite designed to fulfill the needs of high-profile retail accounts. “As retail channels become less distinct and consumer demands continue to evolve, retailers need vendor partners that provide robust, scalable, and flexible solutions that help them adapt,” says Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Software USA. The company is dedicated to creating solutions that go beyond omnichannel commerce and empowers retailers to integrate brick-and-mortar sales with digital commerce through its POS solutions which includes omnichannel POS and mobile POS.

GK Software's solutions coupled with a vast corporate network allow it to implement international projects successfully. The company also offers a highly flexible deployment of the omnichannel solutions, whether offline, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Founded in 1990, GK Software has tremendously grown ever since. The unwavering commitment from both leadership and employees has led GK Software to become one of the global providers of integrated store solutions with over 279,000 installations across more than 50 countries. These store solutions offer unparalleled integration with SAP, thus enabling customers to take advantage of seamless and end-to-end integration from a single provider that is GK Software.

GK Software empowers retailers to integrate brick-and-mortar sales with digital commerce through its POS solutions which includes omnichannel POS and mobile POS

Besides the SAP store solutions, the company renders GK omnichannel personalization solution that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It facilitates real-time personalized services such as recommendations, marketing automation, and dynamic pricing for any omnichannel business. Offered as modular software, the personalized solution uniquely allows retailers to deploy several AI capabilities to create an enhanced customer experience across any channel, including the store. For creating a mobile customer experience, GK Software has ‘valuephone’ mobile solution, which is fully integrated into the company's portfolio of solutions and is available as a white-label solution. This solution lets businesses implement successful end-to-end communication strategies that lay the foundation for long-term and sustainable consumer relationships.

Recently, GK Software was recognized as a leader in innovation, market strength, and market share by IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm in its latest report of “Retail POS/mPOS Software Market.” Accolades such as these drive the company to deliver superior service to its customers, foster modernization, ensure product quality, and contribute to improved retail practices around the globe.

With its footprints in over 50 countries, GK Software will continue to expand across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. The company's mission is to remain focused on precision engineering, and disciplined management along with supporting customers in offering excellent in-store service.

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FutureOn® Launches FieldTwin™ for Smarter Offshore Field Development and Operations

HOUSTON – (April 30, 2019) – Offshore drilling sees a resurgence with billions planned for investment in new greenfield developments. Digital strategists in the oil and gas sector see the opportunity to leverage new projects to introduce new, more transparent digital workflow processes into their operations. The industry frontrunner in the offshore digital space, FutureOn, today officially launches its digital twin platform FieldTwin, a oil and gas sector which enables the digital twin of the subsea field from first concept to first oil and beyond. FieldTwin digital data visualization of the offshore field allows for smarter, more collaborative, and efficient field planning and operations – getting companies to first oil faster.

Top Onshore/Offshore Technology Solution

“Forward-thinking companies understand the tremendous opportunity of Big Data analytics to gain a competitive advantage and deliver greater value from their significant investments offshore,” said Paal Roppen, chief executive officer of FutureOn. “FieldTwin visualizes and centralizes data into a single source to increase collaboration, increase transparency, reduce costs, speed timelines and improve operations.”


• Builds field architecture around a single source of truth thus improving collaboration between project teams and lowering risk;

• Improves project workflow and data transparency, while protecting proprietary information;

• Integrates IoT sensor data into a visual context dashboard for real-time monitoring of equipment statuses, well flow-rates, production values, vessel locations, and engineer tasks;

• Streamlines previously unmanageable and underutilized data streams through 2D/3D visualizations;

• Reduces installation timelines;

• Secures data through Cloud security systems;

• Connects artificial intelligence and historical data to well-planning, drilling, installation and operations to improve field layouts and concept selection.

“Our E&P customers eventually want to unman the platforms, and remotely monitor and maintain their offshore operations and assets,” Roppen continued. “FutureOn’s FieldTwin allows

all stakeholders to now see more than ever before — the same information, at the same time to make more impact on a project’s outcome and make more efficient decisions that save time, reduce errors and mitigate risk.”

In recognition of the company’s impact on transforming traditional workflows in the oil and gas industry, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has named FutureOn, the producer of FieldAP™— a FieldTwin platform application, a 2019 Spotlight on New Technology® Award recipient. The Spotlight on New Technology Award showcases 18 of the most advanced technologies that are leading the offshore industry into the future. OTC will present the award to FutureOn on May 6, 2019 at its annual conference, one of the best-attended in the sector, in Houston, Texas.

FutureOn will present in collaboration with McDermott and Siemens at their booths at OTC to demonstrate how FieldTwin is being leveraged currently by forward-thinking clients and partners’ digital strategies to empower their digital strategies.