Brightpearl: Streamlining Back office Retail Operations

Brightpearl: Streamlining Back office Retail Operations

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Derek O'Carroll, CEO, BrightpearlDerek O'Carroll, CEO
In order to stay ahead in the market, retailers must focus on growth drivers such as targeting a greater audience, launching new products, increasing business value, reducing cart abandonment rates, and expanding to more markets. However, it is unmanageable if retail companies spend time and resources on back-office processes such as fulfilling orders, managing re-ordering, updating accounts, and controlling inventory levels manually. Such workloads can be automated with an all-in-one retail back office management system provided by Austin-based Brightpearl.

The retail back office management system—Brightpearl—is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for retailers and wholesalers and is employed by organizations that sell their products across multiple brands, stores, and countries. The system streamlines order information, inventory levels, rules-based order fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, and order-to-cash processes. In other words, all the orders are aggregated into one single back office system in real time, ensuring that businesses deliver consistent order workflow, centralized processes, and seamless shopping experience for its customers.

The platform modernizes the back office processes allowing merchants to spend their time and money in growing the business. It enables customers to spend more time on sourcing new products and winning customers. Brightpearl’s complete back-office solution encompasses financial management, purchasing and supplier management, inventory and sales order management, customer relationship management (CRM), fulfillment, warehouse, and logistics management.

The platform modernizes the back office processes allowing merchants to spend their time and money in growing the business

Brightpearl integrates with leading sales channels such as eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify within seconds, ensuring that customers are never disappointed. Today, more than 1,200 merchants use Brightpearl across the globe and in the last 12 months, the company has processed over $1.4 billion of orders. The company handholds merchants through the entire implementation process and empower them to activate their retail operations successfully in less than 60 days. Brightpearl’s customer-centric approach can be illustrated with its collaboration with Roseland Furniture.

As the business of Roseland Furniture was growing, managing inventory and orders across multiple channels as well as viewing and tracking them over different warehouse locations became difficult for the company. They were in dire need of a system that could organize all their orders and inventory management in one place. After examining numerous retail management systems, Roseland chose Brightpearl as it was the only solution to give them a “holistic view of all their data.” The Brightpearl platform allowed easy integration with multiple sales channels and provided the Roseland team with the ability to track their inventory and orders. Using the completely browser-based platform, Roseland could import 90 percent of the products from warehouses overseas giving their employees the liberty to access data from anywhere.

Similar to Roseland, Brightpearl will continue to help retailers grow their business by investing $30.5 million that it has accrued recently in enhancing the capabilities of its platform. The company anticipates accelerating its growth by raising more funds, upgrading its product, and introducing newer technologies.