Givex: DataCulture in Retail Space

Givex: DataCulture in Retail Space

Don Gray, CEO, GivexDon Gray, CEO
The term ‘Big Data’ is generally used when discussing data management and data driven decision-making. Don Gray, CEO of Givex—a global technology company that provides a proven platform for customer engagement tools—believes there is more to ‘Big Data’ than often gets discussed. “There is a necessity for a process—to grow and nurture the data that stakeholders can procure today, from their POS and accounting systems, to the customer data derived from marketing initiatives and loyalty programs,” says the industry veteran. He has dubbed this new process, ‘Dataculture.’

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in major cities around the globe and clients in over 55 countries, Givex has been providing cost-effective customer engagement tools such as gift cards, digital coupons/ promotions, Omni-channel loyalty and mobile payments since 1999. With the launch of the Vexilor point of sale system in 2009, Givex also began accelerating the functionality of their back end administrative portal and reporting, including their Rx Predictive Analytics tool. The company’s products and services which are PCI level 1 certified, provide the exact tool set that retailers need to gather data across their business, and then report and analyze it. “In this new era, data becomes central to decision making, driving sales while making the organization’s operations more efficient,” says Gray.

There is a necessity for a process—to grow and nurture the data that stakeholders can procure today, from their POS and accounting systems for their needs

Their Vexilor POS system is very much enterprise focused, and takes full advantage of Givex’s experience with cloud-based technology, with a slight twist of including on-premise technology that will ensure the retailer is always able to perform POS functions, even if the location’s internet connection goes down. Vexilor also takes advantage of Givex’s existing expertise in developing advanced functionality in-house, while also working with best in breed partners that add to the already 400+ integrations on the Givex Platform today. Industry-specific linear workflows, Inventory Control, Time management, and even free upgrades as they release new functionality four times per year, all contribute to a smoother running operation for the retailer.

According to the CEO, “many of today’s information systems track and measure known metrics; they tell operators what they already know.” However, to him, it’s important for merchants to hunt for the things they don’t know that may be affecting their business. “Givex has built the data collection tools along with the analytics and survey functionality into its portal to help merchants with this hunt, and to support Dataculture within their organization,” concludes Gray.