Benseron Information Technology: Adding Clarity to the Business of Selling

Benseron Information Technology: Adding Clarity to the Business of Selling

CIO VendorOnur Haytac, CEO
During his graduate degree, Onur Haytac, CEO of Benseron Information Technology, got an opportunity to help his local subway restaurant to address a challenge that was leading to hiccups in their sales procedures. “I was shocked to see the outdated POS system that was being used by its stores globally,” says Haytac. Embarking on a mission to give them a new and inexpensive POS system, Haytac designed two POS systems according to the client’s requirement at nearly half the price of the systems that were available in the market. Within a year, Haytac’s POS system was deployed across thousands of stores. After successfully completing the task, Haytac did not stop there, but laid the ground work for Benseron Information Technology, which aims at helping businesses by installing innovative POS systems. The firm’s cloud-based application, Linga POS helps businesses counter the issue of managing data flow between systems across countries and in multiple languages and currency. The application enables people to select their currency and language, and start programming their POS system while going live within 30 minutes.

“Linga POS captures the robust functionalities of the traditional POS systems and applies them to Apple's latest technology,” asserts Haytac. This makes it a very fast application that scales with any number of retail outlets. The company uses big data approach to capture and store all the relevant data flowing from various stores at one location in AWS cloud. It enables retailers to improve their services by gleaning useful information from the data received from each location. Linga tracks the inventory and automatically generates purchase orders to replenish supplies, keeping inventory at optimal levels that minimize cost and reduce wastage.

Linga POS captures the robust functionalities of the traditional POS systems and applies them to Apple's latest technology

Benseron has adapted EMV chips, which enables retailers to adjust the tips at the time of credit card authorization, avoiding the additional work of settling the tips if they were added after every transaction.

Linga, an iPad based POS application’s architecture utilizes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth together to ensure the devices are connected to one another using peer-to-peer technology in case the Wi-Fi connections are down. Now retailers don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi connectivity to be able to push data between devices. Similar to Linga, Benseron’s Bevo POS is an alternative application made for customers who are not in favor of keeping their data on cloud. Benseron has announced Bevo 10.0, an upgraded version of BevoPOS, which has a service driven approach to plug in different services into BevoPOS. In an instance, a non-profit retail organization was struggling to go paperless as all their credit card transactions needed to have signatures. This was not only time consuming but also created long queues while checking out. Benseron integrated digital signature within Linga POS helping the client automate their billing process and donation requests.

Being a part of the Apple deployment program, Benseron can directly dispatch products to its enterprise customers with its Linga POS. “Benseron has witnessed global demand and expansion with the success of Linga in the first week of its launch with 62 countries signing up for our services,” says Haytac. Developing an eminent name in the POS technology, the company is strategically positioning itself with products connected to sales systems like offering payments platforms within its products. “We believe in delivering cutting-edge technology by continuously proofing new concepts in the software development arena and adding them into our applications,” concludes Haytac.