TouchPoint: Innovative Cloud Based PoS Built by Retailers for Retailers

TouchPoint: Innovative Cloud Based PoS Built by Retailers for Retailers

Kenn Kelly, CEO, TouchPointKenn Kelly, CEO
In today’s complex business environment, one size does not fit all. Even two retailers selling the same product are radically different. Retailers expect to access and manage their business from anywhere at any time. TouchPoint understands this and provides a cloud-based Point of Sale (PoS) solution for complex inventory needs, especially multiple location and warehouse scenarios. It also seamlessly interfaces in-store with online sales and Amazon fulfillment, while keeping inventory data synced in real-time across all sales channels. “Retailers cannot ignore Amazon or eCommerce anymore. TouchPoint empowers any retailer to sell in both marketplaces while managing their physical locations, all from one interface,” says Kenn Kelly, CEO of TouchPoint.

TouchPoint tackles key challenges retailers face today in new and powerful ways. It tracks different inventory buckets per SKU for easily distinguishing between new, sellable items vs. those which have been returned or damaged, are floor models, or even reserved. TouchPoint removes the traditional pain of migrating to a new solution by providing easy, powerful import tools. Among other intelligent automations, TouchPoint also fully handles tax calculations and reporting based on current, rapidly evolving tax code.

Kelly points out TouchPoint’s role in future challenges retailers face. “Like the print industries 15 years ago moving into the digital space, retailers who don’t make the jump into eCommerce cannot compete with their neighbors that do.” Many retailers know they need to sell online and on Amazon, yet few know where to start or how to do it well. TouchPoint provides the lowest barrier to entry. With the rise in eCommerce and selling through Amazon, it’s clear the demand for a solution like TouchPoint will only grow.
TouchPoint’s advanced reporting empowers retailers to identify the marketing strategies that yield the highest ROI. Unlike other expensive third party tools that are difficult to integrate and have gaps in the data, TouchPoint inherently provides insights directly into the complete sales lifecycle. It tracks sales referral origin, returns, discounts, exchanges, margin and so much more. Retailers always have accurate information about which channels are driving success vs. those that aren’t, ultimately informing the largest ROI potential in their marketing and sales campaigns.

In one instance, a franchise owner who was using a legacy PoS found it too painful to continue and switched over to TouchPoint. Because the traditional PoS wasn’t built from the ground up for the modern retailer he was required to manage his business across multiple locations through emails, spreadsheets, and in-store visits. This was time consuming and prone to human error, making it inaccurate and hard to access. To solve these and many other challenges, the retailer approached TouchPoint and seamlessly migrated into TouchPoint’s powerful, yet simple to use solution. With TouchPoint’s advanced reporting and inventory tracking they were able to save over $300K their first year in lost inventory alone. “TouchPoint prevents inventory loss, while empowering the business owner to make better decisions by showing profitability per product or product line, all the while offering an intuitive customer experience,” says Kelly.

Getting a glimpse into TouchPoint’s future roadmap, Kelly says, “Retail is clearly changing and every day we ask ourselves ‘What’s the future of exchange?’ and every day we’re investing resources into solving those coming changes.” With interactive store experiences on the rise and customers demanding a more personalized touch, it’s evident that TouchPoint is a top PoS for retailers today that will serve them well into the future as things continue to shift.