Semnox Solutions: An Integrated POS Approach

Semnox Solutions: An Integrated POS Approach

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Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox SolutionsKiran Karanki, Director
In today’s retail marketplace, there are separate POS systems used to sell F&B, attractions, tickets, merchandise and more. However, the needs of multi-faceted businesses demand a single system to sell all products under one umbrella. Amid the uni-dimensional nature of POS solutions, ‘Integrated POS’ is what underpins the foundation of Semnox Solutions. Serving the market for more than a decade now, the company offers a single platform, Parafait that integrates multiple sales channels such as traditional POS, mobile POS, self-service kiosk and e-commerce. This enables a seamless customer experience while providing a 360-degree view to the retailer. “Our integrated solution simplifies the store operations as well as the IT infrastructure leading to better management of the business, driving higher growth,” notes Kiran Karanki, director of Semnox Solutions.

Delivering Compelling Customer Experience

The core technology of the Semnox’s Parafait is designed to enhance the customer experience as it allows guests to interact with the business at all times from anywhere through any channel. Alongside solving the conundrum of seamless customer experience, Semnox’s Parafait empowers retailers to customize the packages and promotions catering to customer segments. And, all the stores and their transactions can easily be managed through a central location owing to Parafait’s cloud-based management system. This not only helps retailers scale their business but also allows customers to carry out transactions on the cloud and redeem the sale at the store through self-service kiosks. “There is increased emphasis on self-service to the extent that some of the venues are experimenting with completely eliminating the cashier based POS terminals and go completely self-service; we are well positioned to support this need with our self-service redemption capability,” remarks Karanki.

Another major takeaway of Semnox’s integrated environment is that it gives the ability to analyze the customer’s entire journey to gain insights on their buying behaviors and tweak the offerings accordingly. The platform’s centrally controlled architecture also empowers retailers to get accurate and timely data about every transaction to a granular level to tune decisions and product portfolio. Karanki also rightly points to the security aspect especially when multiple endpoints connect to corporate systems, which is why Semnox is a PCI compliant company with Parafait being PA-DSS compliant. “With the system being built ground up to be controlled from corporate, we have been able to cater to the diverse operational control and security needs,” says Karanki.

Semnox’s Parafait is a comprehensive technology platform that serves as a one-stop-shop to seamlessly automate operations that include multichannel sales, spend management, promotion and membership management, along with the business administration.

Our integrated solution simplifies the store operations as well as the IT infrastructure leading to better management of the business, driving higher growth

The extensible architecture of the cashless system allows it to be altered easily to meet varying customer needs. Parafait can be seamlessly integrated with cash drawers, card-readers, and bar-code readers, and supports credit card integration to initiate easy credit card transactions. The platform enables the operators to deliver fully immersive and fun-filled “completely cashless” experiences to their customers. Additionally, the up-selling options to attract more guests through promotions/loyalty management and availability of centralized guest data for quicker campaign launches, add significant positive revenue impact while contributing to the wholesome customer experience. With Parafait, the company’s prowess is known across over 45+ countries and close to 2000 sites. The secret behind Semnox’s success is their key focus on the product, a better understanding of the client, and knowledgeable workforce.

The effectiveness of Semnox’s Parafait can be best explained with examples of customer success stories from GameTime Players, the premium FEC brand and G4CE. In a recent installation, G4 Complete Entertainment (G4CE) owned 100,000+ square foot of entertainment space with multi-level laser tag, ten lanes of premium bowling, go-karts, black light mini-golf, toddler bounce areas, arcade games and variety of food and beverage options. After evaluating numerous systems specializing in each area of entertainment, G4CE zeroed in on Parafait that provided management and functionality for all aspects of the center in a single system. G4CE is now successfully operating with Parafait platform.

Leapfrogging into the Future

To bring improvements in revenue and customer experience, Semnox updates its product every three months. Seventy percent of Semnox’s development cycle is based on customer input, and the remaining 30 percent is innovation where technologists process information from the customer success program and envision new ideas. The development cycle is based on three main aspects: scrutinizing a customer’s outlook from feedbacks, determining the value of feedbacks through evaluation, and finalizing the product idea to ensure customer satisfaction. Driven by a team of passionate engineers, Semnox is backed by professionals like Karanki. Leveraging his experience of more than 16 years in the IT consulting realm, Karanki is the hardware architect of Parafait. With a focus on next-generation hardware, he has been instrumental in growing the business in the theme and water park segment and has not only expanded Semnox’s operations in the Far East and the American markets but also set up its JV office in China. In keeping with its integrated environment, Semnox has numerous updates lined up for the future. The company is working on a number of initiatives to improve its online platform. At the same time, Semnox is looking to release its mobile app to fulfill customer’s demands. The company is also set to revamp its POS and further simplify the user experience. “Over the years, we have built a lot of functionality, and we believe it’s time to simplify the process flows,” says Karanki. Interestingly, the company is set to take up exciting hardware projects related to customer tracking that will provide enhanced insights into the end customer’s experience and allow retailers to take decisions to improve the experience.