Omnico: Driving Innovation in Smart Customer Engagement

Omnico: Driving Innovation in Smart Customer Engagement

Mel Taylor, CEO, OmnicoMel Taylor, CEO
Citing their flagship, in-house ‘Retail Gap Barometer’ research papers which seek to identify the gaps in customer shopping experiences, Mel Taylor, CEO of Omnico, underlines a seamless retail interface as a critical expectation of today’s customers.

Burgeoning through the innovative backdrop of facilitating effortless retail workflows, smartphone retail apps have become the norm among consumers. Among millennials, over 90 percent of whom use smartphones for shopping, there is a trending tendency to research an item on their desktop or mobile, look at it in-store, and then make the purchase through apps on their mobile devices. However, conventional retail apps fall short in capturing the interest of consumers who now demand greater degrees of personalization and convenience. This is where Omnico transforms the game through its proprietary suite of products that deliver a seamless, omni-channel shopping experience across all retail touch points and channels. Taylor says, “Omnico software provides a unified transaction engine across all of the different consumer touch points, enabling a consistent and frictionless customer journey and a new form of “smart” engagement with the customer.”

The Omnico product suite makes it easy for retailers to design and execute retail processes that maintain contact with customers throughout their shopping journey, no matter when or how they engage with the brand. Omnico converges multiple touch points under a single solution that plugs directly into existing CRM, WMS, supply chain, and ERP systems of a retailer, reducing upheaval and eliminating the need to rip and replace. By wiring all these systems together with unified data and logic, Omnico enables a single cart for each customer that follows them as they shop.“We keep the customer engaged throughout the journey: the cart will always stay with them, rather than following the single sales channel chosen,” adds Taylor.

The Omnico Commerce product suite consists of four primary products, namely omniEnable, omniBasket, omniEngage, and omniStock, which enable seamless customer journeys and smart engagement. omniEnable makes it quick and simple for retailers to design, test & deploy customer journeys, plugging data and workflows back into existing business systems automatically.

We provide a unified transaction engine across all of the different consumer touchpoints, enabling smart engagement and consistent and frictionless customer journeys

It unifies data and logic across existing systems to remove data siloes and provide a single view of the customer, stock, engagement and transactions. omniBasket is a Point of Sale (POS) solution that delivers a consistent transaction interface however and wherever the customer chooses to engage. omniEngage is a centralized promotions and loyalty engine that enables consistent and personalised omni-channel customer engagement. omniStock, an inventory and logistics management solution, offers a single view of stock, orders, their status. It has many benefits, including enabling retailers to use their shops as mini-warehouses thanks to intelligent sourcing rules and order fulfilment workflow instructions for staff.

The company also offers omniRun as a component of their full managed services offering, which enables retailers to make configuration changes, update the software through patches and latest security updates, while remotely maintaining and supporting the product line.

Illustrating the eminence of Omnico’s product suite, Taylor shares a case study of HMV, a leading specialist retailer of music, film, games, and technology products. After reinvigorating its business, HMV deployed the omniBasket software to power its omni-channel fixed and mobile POS devices, affording effortless and more engaging shopping experience for its customers. They also chose omniEngage to centralise their promotions and rewards, and to drive more targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Meanwhile Coop Denmark have leveraged Omnico’s solutions to deploy a personalized mobile loyalty app and a self-scan solution that their CTO, Kraen Østergaard described as “A more realistic version of AmazonGo, as it provides the same core benefits, but atmuch lower costs”.

Omnico’s systems handle massive amounts of information, with over 15 million transactions happening every day across numerous retail spaces. The company plans to apply automation and artificial intelligence to collected data in the future to derive actionable insights that can boost a retailer’s business. Omnico also envisions developing a medium which can connect consumer recommendations to retailers and help them make dynamic decisions by better understanding consumer behaviour and buying habits.